Our Services

Aegir is committed to providing quality professional services to our customers. Our team has relevant experience to service different industries thereby ensuring we deliver a digital first approach to business.


System Development

Web and mobile applications afford modern business the flexibility and security of working from a common operating platform. We leverage industry-leading technologies to build custom web applications that suit your business needs, no matter your industry.


Location Intelligence

Business intelligence that leverages on location-based data will reveal hidden patterns and trends. Our multi-criteria analysis models can help you determine the most advantageous location for your next project site. Location intelligence allows for the operationalization of your data, processes and objectives for enhanced business analytics and decision support capabilities.


Geo-Data Services

Leverage the power of location to determine where your customers are, assess landed property value changes, determine socio-economic wellbeing, and monitor land-use for value chain analysis needed in economic development. Our solutions cover Geo-AI data, aerial and satellite imagery and geo-analytical data.


Equipment Supply

Extend your business capabilities by utilizing the right tools while in the field. We offer key hardware technologies such as GPS handheld devices, mapping drones, barcode scanners and more. We also provide training services for the use of the equipment and maintenance works.


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