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+ What we do

We are a technology firm that deals in geo-informatics, information systems, system integration and geospatial technologies to improve business efficacy and operations management.

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Enterprise System Development

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Location Intelligence

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Geo-Data Services

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Systems Integration

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System Audit Services

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Equipment Supply

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Why Choose a Digital First Approach?

Technology and innovation affords modern business a competitive edge to grow business in a structured and sustainable way.

+ Collaboration

Work closely within departments or project groups within a our workbench solutions to achieve your company's performance goals.

+ Insights

Leverage our Content Management Solutions and BI to make sense of your business data for informed decision support.

+ Mobility

Utilize our mobile applications optimized to extend your operational and reporting space to accommodate field-to-office workflows and vice versa.

+ Security

Work from any platform system on secured and reliable networks and through managed in-built security features that extend to hardware devices.

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