Infrastructure Location Intelligence Systems


Infrastructure development plays a pivotal role in the socio-economic development of a country. Our ILIS systems are custom designed to handle business processes tied to the Technical Services required to fulfill an organization's key mandate.

Emergency Response Management System

Our solution is meant to operationalize humanitarian organizations by leveraging the power of GIS to improve on the Organization's processes in Emergency Response Management.

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Location Intelligence for Market Research and Analytics

Location Intelligence (LI) is an emerging technology for turning location data into business insights by helping businesses solve their most complex questions and challenges. Boost enterprise growth by double digits and improve their overall performance.

Land Use Planning and Development Control

We provide professional services in land use planning and development control tied to optimization of available land resource for sustainable development.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

We provide a robust framework for measuring and monitoring key performance indicators that evaluate and assess technology uptake, developmental change, change management, and land use implementation.