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Our geo-enabled solutions aid in resource management, development control, operations management and situation awareness all aimed at promoting socio-economic growth and development.

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Geo-enabled your Organization using the latest in Enterprise GIS technologies. With Enterprise GIS, businesses overcome challenges associated with business management and operations. Always know where your resources are, how they are impacting your business and how to maximize on there use.

Urban Planning


Our intelligent spatio-temporal strategic planning approach utilizes competing and sometimes conflicting land use variable in order to secure the rational and orderly development of land in an environmentally sound manner to ensure the creation of sustainable human settlements.


Some of the key strategic planning areas we focus on include local economic & community development, urban development, investment attraction and innovation promotion.



Our data-driven analytics give organizations a competitive edge needed to actualize their financial and economic development agenda. Employ big data seamlessly into your business modelling alongside geospatial data while integrating with other content management systems to draw meaningful tactical, strategic and operational insights.

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During the entire lifecycle of a project or program we assist in tracking all the key enablers for project success and flag risks associated to them. These include measures and key performance indicators to monitor and assess technology uptake, developmental change, change management, and land use implementation.


As communities continue to grow and urbanization takes shape, controlled and sustainable development becomes quintessential for all stakeholders.

Key Technologies
Our Solutions

Enterprise Workbench

Our intranets portals are feature-rich, reporting and analytical solutions for modern businesses.



Our enterprise geoportals are both mapping and reporting platforms that link businesses to location intelligence services.

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Geo-Informatics Technologies

We supply key technologies to support business process automation such as geodata, mapping technology and more.